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Subtract 49.295 from 50.705, and you get 1.41. So lets say you wager $5 on the pass line สโบเบท for each of 100,000 come-out rolls. You risk $500,000, and your expectation is that youll win 49,295 bets and lose 50,705. Each time you win using the match-play coupon, you get $10 in winnings, plus you keep your $5 bet. So after 100,000 trials, you have 49,295 x $15, or $739,425. Subtract the $500,000 that represent your wagers, and that means you have a profit of $239,425. Divide that by $500,000 in wagers, สโบเบท ฮอลอเดย์ then multiply by 100 to convert to percent, and your edge over the house is 47.885%. If you had an unlimited supply of match-play coupons and never made a bet without one, you would have a 47.885% edge over the house. QUESTION: Are basic strategy cards (in blackjack) just for your first two cards, or do they apply to the totals after more cards? That is, if Im supposed to hit 14 when the dealer has a 9, do I still hit when my 14 is a 7, 6 and ace besides when its a 9 and 5, 10 and 4 or 8 and 6?

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