This proves that the machine determines the win, prior to any picks. That is why I feel like it is rigged to be unfair. Answer: The original article was about how an 88 Fortunes machine does not reveal the "babies" under the coins at the conclusion of the bonus round. I feel that every machine that has a pick-em bonus should reveal the values under the items not picked at the conclusion of the bonus. Despite that, I surmised that the chances really are 1 in 4 for each progressive. The writer of this question did not specify where his casino is. It's possible that he's playing a Class II machine that must use a bingo drawing to determine the progressive won instead of the player's choices. Even if this is the case, if the chances of hitting each progressive are 1 in 4, then the chances are the same as the Class III version and the machine is just as fair. And now for a cliffhanger.

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